APCSA Turkey Hats & Classes

This morning #APCSA seniors took a break from the grind and built some turkey hats, inspired by this blog post from IHeartCraftThings. Every time I go to do a craft project, I worry that they are going to be “to cool” and turn up their noses. And every time, within 15 minute they are laughing and designing and just being kids. Maybe we need more of that. I believe in hard work, rigor, pace, but surely we can also make room for something silly, relaxing, or fun too? right? We had pride turkeys, floppy turkeys, a turkey fascinator, some inflated waddles and much more!

#Mandatory Hallway Family Picture

But, because I know how to ruin a good time – we also programmed a Turkey Class before the bell rang. We incorporated selection into toString, for the first time, and focused on the difference between public, private, and static instance variables but have a numKeys variable that increased by 1 every time we constructed a new turkey object.

For fun, we incorporated some one lineASCII art in a constructor to make the Console a touch more interesting .

Here is a copy of the Turkey Class if you want to bring a little holiday themed java to your room!

Happy Thanksgiving from #ROOM112

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High School Computer Science Teacher in Alabama.

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