Unit 1: Proficiency Scale for LMS

Defined by Marazano Resources as: A proficiency scale, in simplest terms, represents a progression of learning goals with three levels of difficulty: (1) the target (level 3.0) content; (2) the simpler (level 2.0) content; and (3) the more complex (level 4.0) content.

I hope that proficiency scales get easier to produce. This one has been an intense labor of love, I think I added some excited teacher need for perfection. In February I was in a workshop when someone said “Why are grade calculations shrouded in mystery?” and that has haunted me ever since.

One of the major influences of my life was my high school speech teacher, Patricia Marsh who drilled “Tell them what you are going to tell, tell them, then tell them what you told them” into my brain (among many. many. other things). Shouldn’t teaching be the same way?

Here are the things I need you to learn. Now, let’s work together to learn the things. Then, you tell me what you can do now that you have learned it.

I think this concept takes on added importance during remote instruction. Building trust in a remote classroom is easier, but if I am lifting back the veil of grading – that trust should be easier to gain.

My student’s don’t have access to a printer at their homes. I am a believer in the power of crossing things off a list- but how to do that through the computer?

I converted the Unit 1 Proficiency Scale to an Image that is set as the background of a Google Slide. Each student will get a copy and be able to cross off to their little hearts content!


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