Bringing Student Integrity to the Remote CS Classroom

Tie Integrity to the Purpose of Learning: Life is not about getting an A on a homework assignment. If I want my students to be lifelong learners, I have to have authentic appreciation for where their individual learning processes.

AP CSA Enrichment Gone Awry

This week, as our district office implements their ALSDE approved #COVID plan, teachers were asked to focus students on enrichment versus new instruction. Monday, AP CSA was assigned a polymorphism activity This was the 2nd time they had been introduced to the topic, and I have an unofficial theory that it is not until theContinue reading “AP CSA Enrichment Gone Awry”

Remote Instruction vs Online Learning

Do the words really matter? As we all scramble to reach our students, as we leave behind our classrooms, and enter their homes through small screens, does it matter what we call this thing we are doing? I think it does. I think, if we clarify that we are providing Remote Instruction, it is clearContinue reading “Remote Instruction vs Online Learning”