Using WebEx In the Classroom

When covidcation and remote instruction forced us to incorporate a litany of remote instruction tools and practices into the craft of teaching it was a necessity. Now, thanks to vaccinations, we are able to have students back in the classroom. But to walk away from all of the lessons of remote instruction and return squarelyContinue reading “Using WebEx In the Classroom”

Is there an easy to get a quick review of handwritten pages during remote instruction?

I believe in the power of writing while learning. I beleive in the power of a pencil and a clean sheet of paper. I beleive that if a student hears me say something, and then has to convert my words into notes they scribble there are all kinds of learning going on. AP CSP studentsContinue reading “Is there an easy to get a quick review of handwritten pages during remote instruction?”

AP CSA Enrichment Gone Awry

This week, as our district office implements their ALSDE approved #COVID plan, teachers were asked to focus students on enrichment versus new instruction. Monday, AP CSA was assigned a polymorphism activity This was the 2nd time they had been introduced to the topic, and I have an unofficial theory that it is not until theContinue reading “AP CSA Enrichment Gone Awry”